Our main focus is creating a simplistic user interface while still maintaining a high standard visual design. We specialise in web design and development and work with Next.js, React, JavaScript, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, SASS, Three.js, Blender and more. We are located in Lovech, Bulgaria. The goal is redefining website designs and experiences while staying true to the client's needs. This website serves as a showcase for our preffered way of creating design patterns. Throughout you might see references to the number 137 or our background in some way or another. We create a blueprint for the web app structure and logic. Keeping in touch with you, we gradually build a detailed vision of the final product. We choose the color scheme and design language of the website. We talk over what you want to be included visually, which in turn will determine the technology and time the project will require. Maybe you would like a dynamic, interactive element, a simplistic yet fully reliable and light design, or a multi-layered single page app with content management. We can cover it. We ensure maximum usability on all devices and browsers, review and test the code, then we deploy and offer a continous support for adding features and following the presence of our product (web app or website) on the web. Изграждаме уебсайт със специфичен за вашия бизнес или цел дизайн. Уеб дизайн, който допринася за развитие и растеж на вашия стартъп или малък среден голям бизнес. Предлагаме поддръжка на уеб сайт или уеб приложение и оптимизация на конкурентни цени. Увеличаване на продажбите, повече клиенти чрез СЕО оптимизиация. Изработка на уебсайт, съобразен с вашия бюджет; цена за уебсайт спрямо вашия бюджет. Използваме уърдпрес и предлагаме изработка на онлайн магазини и рекламни, статични, презентационни сайтове с уърдпрес. Корпоративен уебсайт дизайн, както и бутиков дизайн, с артистичен подход. Партньор за млади предприемачи с уеб приложения. Обновяване на сайтове, модернизиране на сайтове.


Web Design

Purpose in Design

Shapes, symbols and colors incorporated into a design that strives to challenge and provoke the intuitive, and translate your ideas visually in an effective way.

Simplistic and Powerful

Design, inspired by function and message of your ideas. In our philosophy a website is your business card in the dynamic modern business environment. The way it communicates must be impressive and tailored to the end user.

Modern Approach

The latest technologies in web development with Next JS and Vercel, including concepts and techniques for building 3D environments with Three JS and Blender.



Front End

Back End

Single Page Apps





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01 Research Phase

We start by defining goals, studying the competition, the market and target audience of the company's services and/or products.

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02 Wireframing

We create the blueprint for the web app's structure and logic.

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03 Design Phase

Consulting with you the elements, colors, placement and overall design language we create the vision for the website / web app.

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04 Development Phase

We finalize the design decisions (while still leaving room for little tweaks here and there) and begin coding the web application.

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05 Testing, Review and Deploymment

We ensure maximum usability on all devices and browsers. Review and test the code, then we deploy and optionally offer support, adding features and following the presence of the website / web app.

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We are looking forward to start working on your ideas and create an awesome design together!

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We offer website design and development suited to your needs, and continue to work with you after the launch of the website with search engine optimization and support.


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